Tournament Check-in

The tournament check-in will take place Tuesday, November 20, 2018, from 5:30 pm to 9:00 pm at Dick's Sporting Goods in Plantation: 


Dicks Sporting Goods Plantation

The Fountains

801 S. University Dr. 

Plantation, FL 33324

At check-in you need to bring the following:

In order to make the registration process as smooth as possible please have all player passes, medical releases and rosters in name order based on the roster.

1) ROSTERS: Bring 5 copies of the roster. Acceptable rosters are: US Club rosters, FYSA/USYS State generated rosters, AYSO rosters. Guest player forms must be attached to each of the states generated rosters and signed by the guest player's Club Registrar. If guest players are from within the club then their names should be pre-printed or handwritten in on the state generated event roster. If they are from outside the club then please hand-write the guest's information on the bottom of each state generated roster. Without a correctly executed guest player form, the guest player may not be able to play.

Guest Players Limited to:

  • U9 to U12 = Maximum 4 Guest Players
  • U13 and Up = Maximum 6 Guest Players


PERMISSION TO TRAVEL: Teams coming from outside the state of Florida, including international teams will need a "Permission to Travel" from their USYS State Association and or Governing Bodies (international teams). This does not apply to US teams using US Club Soccer passes and rosters.

2) CITY OF PLANTATION WAIVER: Every rostered player must have a completed and signed the City of Plantation  Waiver (click here). Please organize in name order based on the roster to ensure a smooth check-in process.

3) [U18] SPORTS MEDICINE MEDICAL CONSENT FORM: Every rostered player must submit a [U18] Sports Medicine Consent/Waiver Form (click here). Please organize in name order based on the roster to ensure a smooth check-in process.

4) MEDICAL RELEASE FORM: Every rostered player must have a current medical release at check-in. Medical release forms do not need to be notarized. You may use the current forms you are using for travel. Please organize in name order based on the roster to ensure a smooth check-in process.

5) EMERGENCY CONTACT FORM: Every team must submit a completed Emergency Contact form (One per team, see "Forms" to the left of this page or click here).

6) COACHES & PLAYER PASSES: All coaches & players must have valid, laminated player passes with the necessary signatures & picture. Please place these on a ring and have them in name order based on the roster to ensure a smooth check-in process.

LATE CHECK-IN PROCEDURE: Teams that are not able to check-in on Tuesday evening can check-in 1 hour before their first match on Friday. You will need to go to the Site Director's tent at the park where your first match is scheduled.

Pre-Match Check-In: Teams are required to check in at the field for their matches. Coaches or Team Managers are responsible for giving the referees their passes and a stamped approved roster at the start of each match (referees do not need to be paid a match fee as that is part of the tournament fee). Please remember that any team arriving 15 minutes after their designated kick off will be subject to a forfeit.