Pre-Season Summer Conditioning Program

PSG Academy Plantation Summer Pre-Season Conditioning Program


What: PSG Academy Plantation Summer Pre-Season program for players ages 13-18, boy and girls. Program and league will be overseen by Ben Barrick (


Where:  Pine Island 


When: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday from 6-8pm.


-Ages 13, 14, and 15 Boys and Girls 6-7 pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

-Ages 16, 17, and 18 Boys and Girls 7-8 pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday


-Preseason starting July 9th-27th. Make up days: 30th and 31st.


Why:   - Excel Sports Performance is one of the most recognized Sports Performance training system in the world. ESP has trained scores of athletes and has implemented the ESP Method with many professional organizations across the globe. The ESP System addresses specific movements required by a sport in a specific position, and enhances the athlete’s ability to execute those movements by making them faster and stronger within the specific movements of their Sport or Position.


-ESP Training System will improve an athlete’s potential by individualized programs based on the enhancement of speed, strength, flexibility and restoration training.


ESP 360 Program will:

Injury Prevention

Increase Explosiveness

Weight Management

Increase Quickness and Strength

Increase Speed

Increase Reaction Time

Increase Flexibility


Fee :    -$125 Per Athlete



For Information Call: 954-410-0495