Purpose of FYSA Olympic Development Program

To identify and develop outstanding soccer players within the state of Florida for selection to State Teams and for advancement to the Region III Olympic Development Program and to the National Youth Teams.


1. Identification

2. Selection

3. Development

4. Training

5. Competition

6. Evaluation


The Florida Youth Soccer Association will provide its players the opportunity to try out, train and compete with players in their respective age groups in order to find out where they stand with other players from around the state. The players will initially be selected through two-day trials at the regional level, which will be held in the four regions around the state (A, B, C, and D). Players may also be identified through a scouting program. Scouted players may only be brought in by National Staff Coaches or by the FYSA Director of Coaching. These players will be brought into the next level of the process once they have been identified. The players are then brought into either a sub state or state trial weekend where a state pool is identified. State teams are then formed and usually have two training events before the Region III ODP event. This process continues on to the regional and national level.