FYSA Coaching Courses


Youth Modules (U6/8 module, U8/10 module and U12 module)


Three hours of classroom cover:

         Development Characteristics (specific to the age of players)

         Team Administration

         Risk Management

         Care and Prevention of Injuries


Two hours are held on the field with players in the age groups of the course.


An additional hour is provided at the end of the course for a summary and Q & A.


The minimum age to attend a module is 12years.


Each of the three modules takes about six hours and is usually held from 9am to 4pm on a Saturday or Sunday.  A module may also be held over two evenings for three hours each evening.


E Certificate (the entry level course to "eleven-a-side soccer" for coaches of U-13 and older players)


Classroom instruction includes:

         Methods of Coaching

         Team Administration

         Risk Management

         Care and Prevention of Injuries



Technical field topics are:







Additional field sessions cover:

         Economical Training / Small Sided Games

         Attacking Tactics

         Defending Tactics


Coaches participate in this course both in the classroom and on the soccer field (if capable). Coaches should come to this course prepared to play.  The minimum age to attend a E course is 14 years.  The E course also serves a preparatory course and prerequisite for the D license course.  There is a "take home" written test that is given in the E course.  The E course usually spans Friday evening thru Sunday afternoon.


D License (the highest state course and the prerequisite for the National "C" course)


The content of the "D" course builds upon the "E" course curriculum and places a strong emphasis on practical coaching by the coaches attending the course.  This course has a series of exams.  Coaches who pass will receive either a "National D" or "State D" designation, depending on their grades.  A "National D" license is required to attend any National C license after a one year wait


There is a requirement of an E certificate before you may take a D license course.  The minimum age to attend the D course is 16 years.


Waivers:  The FYSA Director of Coaching may waive the E certificate requirement only if the candidate has two years of Division I college playing experience or higher and two years of experience coaching players U14 or older. A coaching resume must be submitted and approved before the candidate may be waived to take the course.  Waiver requests should be emailed to Mike Strickler, Director of Coaching, at (mstrickler@fysa.com).


Classroom sessions cover:

  • Methods of Coaching
  • Team Administration
  • Risk Management
  • Care and Prevention of Injuries
  • Laws of the Game
  • Attacking Tactics
  • Defending Tactics
  • Game Analysis


Field sessions cover:

  • Fitness with the Ball
  • Dribbling
  • Passing
  • Receiving
  • Crossing
  • Heading
  • Goalkeeping
  • Roles of Attack
  • Roles of Defense


Additional field sessions are held the second weekend for practical coaching practice by the candidates and practical coaching exams.  Most of the second weekend is held on the field and places a high physical demand on the candidates.


There are also four written exams covering:

  • Laws of the Game
  • Care and Prevention of Injuries
  • Methods of Coaching (based on video clips)
  • Tactics (based on video clips)


The "D" course is usually held over two weekends (Fri/Sat/Sun & Sat/Sun).  The "D" course may also be held in other variations and takes about 36 hours.


Goalkeeping - Levels I, II, and III


These three courses focus on coaching the goalkeeper.  They are US Soccer courses that the FYSA hosts.  Coaches must start at Level-I and proceed in sequence.  The courses are six to eight hours.