2016/2017 Forms

Plantation FC Plantation




Managers Info  

Managers – Roles and Responsibilities

1)      Registration of Players

2)      Organize Uniforms

3)      Attend all manager meeting scheduled for the duration of the season.

4)      Organization of Game day

a.       Rosters

b.      Player passes

c.       Ref fees

d.      Field location and time confirmation

e.       Submit scores by given guidelines set by leagues.

5) Organization of travel arrangements for away games or tournaments.

6) Communication to players and parents in regards to practice times and changes

7)      Collection of coaching fees and academy fees.

8) Try to maintain control and stress appropriate behavior during games (follow Eagles Parents and Spectators code of ethics).

      9) Organize team volunteers (fundraising, tournament, etc.)




***Coach or coaches must approve all communication to players and parents.  Manager must not take it upon himself or herself to communicate any information without discussion or approval from team coach. ***




Manager and Coach Relationship

1)      Communicate with manager in regards to training days, times or changes and practice or game tardiness.

2)      Communicate travel needs or arrangements for away games or tournaments.

3)      Communicate with manager in regards to player development issues in order for manager to be able to relay this information to team parents when necessary.

4)      Any issues of non-emergency must be communicated to manager.  Manager can relay info to coach.