Anis Jerbi, Director of Coaching

(954) 397-2342

Anis Jerbi   954-397-2342          

Coaching Education
  • USSF "A" License
  • USSF "B" License
  • FTF TUNISIA "B" License
  • NSCAA Coaching Director Diploma

Coaching Experience:
  • Present: Director of Coaching at Plantation FC
  • 1999-2005: Minnesota coaching clubs and high schools all age groups 
  • 2005-Present: Florida coaching at PFC now called ALBION PLANTATION SC
  • 2007-2104: Assistant coach at St Thomas University Florida
  • 2011-2014: Assistant coach Cypress Bay high school
  • 2007-2010: Assistant coach American Heritage Plantation
  • 2014-2015: Assistant coach Kendall SC U18 Academy 
  • 2011-Present: Head coach Albion Plantation SC Men's team.  
Playing experience:
  • I was fortunate to start playing youth club at the age of 9 with one of biggest clubs in the AFRICAN CONTINENT
  • At 18 I signed my first professional contract ending up playing for 8 years for 3 different clubs in D1 Tunisian League.
  • Won 2 awards as a player and 2 Cups.

My Coaching Philosophy:

Coaches are first and foremost role models and teachers. Good coaching is not about producing winning teams; it's about asking every day before practice or a game: "Is what we're planning to do today in the best interest of the kids?" Getting better every day is my goal; Good coaches/players come to work every day to get better. A championship or trophy is not my goal. The goal is to teach the players to get better every day.