club culture


This is Who We Are
Every player in our club will have an opportunity to play the game, enjoy the game, practice the game, and develop through the game.

In our Club: every player belongs and feels good
every player is guided by qualified and competent coaches
every player gets maximum opportunities to develop
every player has ownership
every player lives the game and enjoys the experience without interference and pressure
every player can play and train in the best possible circumstances

We will always put the needs and the development of the individual player at the center of focus in our club



The Mission of Plantation FC is to develop successful, well-rounded individuals who exhibit good sportsmanship, ethical and moral behavior, and good citizenship. We aim to leverage the challenges and life lessons of striving for excellence in competitive soccer into molding young people to understand the value of teamwork, sportsmanship and hard work while fostering an environment that allows players to reach their full potential and love for the game.


A Commitment to People to develop and empower staff, players, and the local community within an inspirational environment ensuring their health, safety and welfare.

Multicultural and Community – to utilize and develop relationships within the local community fostering the cultural contribution of employees and players to show commitment to all.

A Commitment to Best Practice (Practice makes permanent) – Treating our players, parents and staff in an honest, trusting, and caring environment.

A Commitment to Excellence (Aiming to be the best) – Utilizing the strength of EVERYONE working together to bring out the best in each individual. Delivering our objectives with creativity, innovation and aim for success and supporting all in reaching their goals.


Honesty - we will be fair, truthful and morally upright. We will be courageous, straight talking and entrepreneurial together with all our other qualities and values that is what will make PSG Plantation distinctive.

Integrity - we will be steadfast and adhere to high principles and professional standards.

Commitment – We value the Health, Safety & Welfare of the staff, the players, the fans and our Community.

Pride - we will recognize the importance of all the Club's efforts and achievement

Respect - we will have high regard, recognition and appreciation for everyone we deal with. We will strive to have the highest standards we can in everything undertaken by the Club